Urf at 9-1/2 years old at the vet clinic for semen collection.

Urf z Jirkova dvora

Born: June 27, 2006 

Died: October 21, 2017





We imported Urf from the Czech Republic. He is highly titled, rated excellent, pure old style Czech working blood. Urf is considered to be one of Mambo’s best working sons.

Old style working character type, Urf has massive boning, robust body style, gorgeous blocky head type and excellent health.

Urf displays rock solid nerve base and confidence in every situation. He is a reliable family and child protector, while being evaluated as the “total package police patrol dog”.

Urf is a dog that is a pleasure to live and work with, but Urf is also very serious about his work. He "loves the fight" and provides a memorable experience to those working with him. He is neutral to other dogs and animals.

Urf sons and daughters are being used to establish breeding programs around the world.