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About Us

The beginning

The more David researched and learned about protection dogs, the more contacts he communicated with. One of the people he started having email conversations with raised working German Shepherds.

David said, “If you can find a German Shepherd that I like as well as a Malinois/Dutch Shepherd, I’ll buy it”.

Being a man of his word, we bought Urf Z Jikova Dvora (pedigree) and have been thrilled with the decision ever since. We imported Urf from the Czech Republic. His previous owner passed away or he would never have been sold. We feel very blessed to have had a dog as special as Urf. At a respectable 101 pounds and an alligator bite, he was truly a force to be reckoned with when working. When off duty, he was the perfect housedog.

He may not have spoke words, but he certainly had an extensive vocabulary of understanding. Urf exuded confidence in every situation. October 21, 2017 was a very sad day for us when at the age of 11 years, 4 months Urf took his final breath. We feel blessed to still have Urf offspring and frozen semen.

At a seminar we once attended, the instructor, also a K9 evaluator for the police department and previously a K9 SWAT member said about Urf “that dog is the whole package” and added that he “could take him right to the street with no additional training.”

Amongst Urf’s many titles, is ZVV3, which is considered the most difficult working title to achieve. Relatively few dogs per year reach this level as opposed to thousands that receive IPO3.

We also found a 10-month old female in the Czech Republic at that time. She met the bloodline criteria we were looking for. We purchased Katalea Mariko Bohemia (pedigree) and left her in the Czech Republic for training and titling before bringing her home. To our delight, Kata is a quick study and she had her ZVV1. BH, IPO1 and IPO2 titles by 22 months of age.

Meanwhile, while Kata was busy with her training program in the Czech Republic, David located another female puppy in the United States with another impressive pedigree. Kate K Van den Heuvel (pedigree) was added to our breeding line up.

Soon after Kata arrived to her home with us, we bred her to Urf. On December 22, 2014 their six puppies were born, 5 males and 1 female. These dogs have proven to be remarkably intelligent with a very strong nerve base, and extremely biddable. We plan to repeat this breeding in the future.

We have continued to add more excellent dogs to our breeding program, all with exceptional bloodlines! Please visit our individual dog pages on this site.