28 May 2024, Tuesday




Blitz (pedigree), born November 17, 2015, is the daughter of Norbo Ben Ju (pedigree) and Bomba von Sramek (pedigree).

Norbo Ben Ju, imported/owned by Van Den Heuvel K9, has been one of the most influential producing stud dogs worldwide for the original working German Shepherd Dog. He is truly one of the finest producing stud males to ever be imported into the United States and has earned his place in history for improving upon not only the working ability of the oringinal GSD but for imparting strength in structural integrity into his offspring.

Norbo has proven himself many times over as a Top Internationally Acclaimed producing stud male. He was the sire of the Famous T. Ben Ju litter which is a testament to how well Norbo imparts his tremendous biting power, strength of nerves, and height of working drives into his progeny. Within the T. Ben Ju litter you will see the number 1 working German Shepherd Female 2003, Tia Ben Ju who won the World Team Qualifier in 03′ and was 8th on the World Team, Littermate Tango, who is a top WUSV/ FCI competitor, and our Top retired working/producing female Trixa Ben Ju who was the # 2 Working female out of the Former Communist Block Region 2003, WINNER OF THE PROTECTION PHASE IN THE WORLD TEAM QUALIFIER IN 03″ and earned her IPO3 in March of 02 at a very serious competition in Europe scoring 100/92/97.

Blitz was AI bred to Urf. The puppies were born on October 8, 2019.

Blitz (left) & Eureka (right)